Why is a Brand Moodboard Important?

December 5, 2018

What brand moodboards are actually used for and why you should have one for your business!

For all of my brand design clients, creating a moodboard is always the first step in the project. This is becoming a standard design practice, but moodboards aren't just useful for designers like me - they're also helpful for:


Business Owners
I'll explain in a moment how the businesses I work with can use the moodboards we create during our project, but it's not just for my benefit!
Having a moodboard for your blog can help you get clear about your design and content/photography theming - very useful!
Many photographers use moodboards as a guide for their own style and for theming photoshoots.
Artists & Creatives
Again, moodboards can be used as a style guide for a number of projects!
Wedding/Event Planners
For theming events and getting an idea of a style & atmosphere, moodboards are super useful!



A moodboard is a collection of images (photos, graphics, textures) that together display a distinctive, cohesive theme. It is a visual tool for designers & business owners to put across their ideas for a brand's personality.

And what do I mean by a theme? Here are some elements that might make up the theme of a moodboard by having common threads throughout the images:

Colour palettes
Font choice
Textures & patterns
Photography style
Below are some examples of my clients' moodboards:








I use moodboards in my clients' branding projects because it gives me a clear sense of what overall theme their brand's personality is going for, and I use it as a guide when creating logos and branded collateral such as business cards, to keep me on track and ensure everything is consistent.

This is a key word here - consistency.

A moodboard is essentially a guiding light for all visual elements of your brand.

If what you are creating matches with the style of the moodboard, then you are on-brand. If it doesn't, then you need to re-evaluate whether it is right for your brand.

This is useful for me as a designer AND my clients as business owners. Having a moodboard helps everyone stay consistent in everything they create. 

Business owners/bloggers/creatives/events planners etc. can also use moodboards to show third parties (ie. designers, suppliers) so that everyone is on the right track, working towards the same goal - the same moodboard.




And before I sign off, I look forward to creating so many new blog posts, some video tutorials, free templates, and resources to keep you creative as well!Stay tuned my friends ;)




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