Manu Ricci​ - owner of Manubranding


Since the beginning of Manubranding. I’ve worked with talented creators and businesses — Designing meaningful visual identities that allow them to authentically describe their story through branding & satisfy their ideal clients with ease. Your business represents a part of you, and that means developing a brand identity that is more than just beautiful — it’s emotional, connection-driven and conscious. When you spend your days doing something that you’re passionate about, you require your work to be represented in the best possible light.That’s why I’m in this place  —  to improve you clarify your vision and produce a conscious representation of the business that’s so dear to your heart.  With this,  you can  expend more  time doing  what you love & let your brand work on autopilot: Attracting & connecting with the genuine people. Prior to running my own business, I spent several years serving creative businesses through graphic design & social media management. Since then, I've worked with creatives in California, UK & beyond, designing and disseminating my knowledge about developing a brand identity that has been completely your own. I genuinely believe that with some intuition & purposeful strategy, you can embrace a brand identity design that allows you to develop more than you have ever thought is possible.

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