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Creating strategic

branding for lifestyle


We are a boutique creative studio working with contemporary creators, industry disruptors, soulful brands, with an eye towards changing the world.

Our Mission

We believe in providing high-end branding experiences to creatives, innovators, dreamers, and disruptors who strive to change the world. By assisting businesses with strategic design solutions that tell their unique stories, we're here to relieve those positioning pain points and create a smoother process for our clients. 

Standing out is important, and we know how to push the boundaries of what is already available.

We provide you with the kind of creativity that propels you forward inspires you to take your business to the next level.

Meet The Founder

Hey, friend! I’m Manu. The lead designer and mentor behind Manubranding Studio. My work is inspired by everything modern, rustic and minimalist. I like to bring brands to life through custom illustration, pattern, typography, strategic web design and so much more.

With eight years of design experience and three years of formal education, I've gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. My business came to life back in 2018, during my evenings and weekends while working on freelancers websites. I was ready to find new challenges and had always dreamt about having my own design business. Today, I am working with brands all around the world. Design has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.. 

Meet Jiji

This is Jiji! My partner in crime.. 
With her strong background in the arts and foundational management training, she brings a unique perspective to our studio.
She has collaborated closely with budding entrepreneurs and small business owners across the world. In addition to building brand strategies from the ground up, she is passionate about ensuring they remain relevant for years to come. 

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