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Branding your Small Business: The Basics

When you're starting your small business you get excited to think about the color pallets, the aesthetic of the design of your logo, the layout of your business cards. Before you think about all these you need to think think about the most basic foundation of your business. Don't get me wrong, your logo is one of the most important part of your business. But before coming up with a logo, here are are a few things that would make up your brand's foundation:

1. Unique Value Proposition What is truly different about your brand? What are the services you offer that is ony unique to only you? Before you dive deep into branding your small business, ask yourself: What insights, skills and experiences do you think you have that is uniquely yours that competitors don't have? If nothing comes to mind then you need to reconsider and reflect on what you do. Reframe your mind about your small business. EX. ManuBranding offers high end graphic/web design and branding solutions for small entrepreneurs that what to grow their reach and influence in their chosen niche. 2. Mission and Vision Statement Everyone knows that having a Mission and Vision Statement is very important to any business may it be small or big. Most business owners fail to do is to specify things in their Mission and Vision. Like when you say "We aim to give the best to my clients". What best do you plan to give? Business owners need to be specific when writing their Mission Vision Statement. Being more specific can help solve future problems too. EX. ManuBranding aims to inspire and make dreams come true thru quality web and graphic design services and aesthetically beautiful branding output to make our clients successful in their chosen niche. 3. Values As it is in life, we need guiding principles when handling our business. Define what really matters to you, what you want and what inspires you and make this your guidelines in handling your business. EX. Manu Branding's Guiding Principles Passion : We are inlove with what we're doing and that is why we will do everything to give you our 100% Craftsmanship: We put a premium in our services that is why we have superior attention to detail so that we can deliver quality work. Purpose: We are here to inspire and celebrate YOU. 4. Target Market Who do you want to work with? Who do you want to reach with your brand? Do market research, how do they consume information? What do they value? Who or what inspires them? These questions will carry you into every part of your business. These answers will guide you on how yu will market your brand and how to communicate your message. EX. Here at Manu Branding we what to work with creative and dynamic young business owners who are very passionate with what they do, value great craftsmanship and understands who s/he is and what her/his purpose is. 5. Message Now, you have a unique value proposition, you know your mission, you are guided by your values and you know your target market. What's next? You communicate with your audience. Your message may come in different forms: a tagline, speech or a web page title. It does not matter. All that matters is you speak to your audience in your brand's voice and always have personal touch. EX. Manu Branding: By dreamers, for dreamers. Now you have everything you need to start your brand journey to success. Good luck! If you're still confused on what to do, slide in to our DM's on Instagram @manubranding or e-mail us at and tell us your ideas on what it takes to build a brand.

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