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Let Your Brand Stand Out! (photography business)

Does your photography business feel like any other photography business? Or do you often times question yourself: “Would people actually hire me? There are A LOT of photographers out there.” Well, this article is definitely for you. Why? Because A. I’ve been in your shoes. That uncertain feeling that keeps nagging on your head is not very good for your well-being. B. I am here to tell you that you are NOT like any other photographer. You are you and you are unique.

I’m going to share with you four (4) ways on how to make your photography business stand out from the rest:

Let them fall in love with you

People patronize brands and services that speak to who they are, that they can feel a connection with. In short, they buy things from brands they love. So make them fall in love with you and your brand. If you’re not sure how will you make your future clients fall in love with you, ask your closest friends, your mom or your s/o.

There are things that they will love about you. Believe me.


Treat your brand as if it is an extension of who you are. We are all created equally and uniquely. All of us have different personalities that set us apart from each other and this is the key for your brand to stand out from the rest by being uniquely YOU. Also, it is okay if not everybody will like you: it should be like that because if everyone likes you then it is going to feel diluted. Share your story. Tell them how you started. Why you fell in love with photography. All of us love a good story, right?

Create your niche

Don’t do the same thing that every other photographer is doing and definitely don’t take on every other job that comes your way. Build your brand by building your portfolio and your expertise. When you’re finished doing this, take your business to the direction that you want and speaks to you the most. One photographer I worked with and love is Hayley of @taylorandcophotography who specializes in organic, down to earth and magical wedding photographs. She’s based in Perth, WA. Her IG is full of beautiful moments of one of the best days of your life captured forever through her pictures. Not only are you paying for the photos, you are also paying for the wonderful experience with working with a professional who truly loves and is very passionate about her craft.

Tips Don’t just offer a service. Offer your clients a once in a lifetime experience that they can only get when they work with you. Maybe your specialty is shooting head shots for millennials who are trying to make it in the tech industry or you want to be a photographer who specializes in boudoir photos. Whatever it is, brand your photography business and be known for the experience you give your clients. This is how you stand out in an oversaturated market. Let your clients experience with working with you speak for itself. Have people come to you. Create your own unique niche.

Provide Value Value comes in many forms: inspiration, education, storytelling, brand culture, your community and the list goes on. The point is put a premium to your craft and be your clients guide – take them from Point A to Point B.

Tips Give and then give and then give some more. Ask your clients questions like: “What are you struggling with?”, “What do you need to hear today?”, “What products or services do you need and why?”. Give everything you’ve got and do not fear that others may steal your ideas. Make their experience about them when they work with you. Most often than not, photographers are only concerned about themselves and that is where the problem starts. They focus on why they are not getting engagements and comments on their photos, the question is, are they engaging with others? Are they sharing about themselves in their Instagram posts and stories? Remember it is not about you, it is about your client and your community.

Create an unforgettable brand experience

Any successful brand, whatever industry they belong, would tell you about their unique and unforgettable brand experience. From the way they arrange their instagram stories and their posts on their social media channels. Take a moment and think about how you feel when you interact with brands that you love. What are they doing that makes you feel this way? What are they doing to inspire you with what they are doing? It could be their mission and vision, storytelling, design, aesthetics and overall vibe. Tips Ask yourself: What do you want to make people feel when they interact with your brand? Write this down. Then list the possible ways to interact with them. It may be your instagram stories – posts – highlights, your website, Pinterest, e-mail newsletter, freebies and a whole lot more. Also, make your brand interactions cohesive, consistent and clear. Inspire your audience to take action.

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